Hungarian Press Photo Contest 2014


Sajtofoto2014-SQResults of the Hungarian Press Photo Comtest were announced today. There are a lot of winners who were awarded in recent years as well, but this time there were four time as many freelancers among them as were the last year.

The reason of the increased number of freelancers among winners is in part because of changes in employment and rearrangement of ownership of publishing houses. News website Origo for example completely replaced its formerly very successful photo staff who this year all entered as freelancers. But the merging of publishing houses Axel Springer and Ringier under the name of Media Works also rearranged the staffs of some of their newspapers.

Most of the news websites publish big picture galleries of the winning photos every year. You find a collection of these galleries, but they are mostly quite similar to each other (pl. Index, HVG,, 444, Abcúg, NépszabadságMagyar Nemzet, National GeographicHír24OrigoNullker, stb). This year you can also watch an animated Prezi presentation of the winners made with the online presentation service of Hungarian startup company Prezi – it’s worth checking it out.

Below is the list of winners and links to their winning photos, but unfortunately the competition has no English language text for the images however most of the jury has been foreigner for years in a row.

MUOSZ grand prix for best performance:

André Kertesz grand prix for best documentary photography:

Karoly Escher award for best news single:

Martin Munkacsi award for best collection:

Best photographer working in the counties:

Best performance under 30 years of age:

News (single) – 306 entries

  1. hely: Simon Moricz-Sabjan (Népszabadság): Internet tax protest
  2. hely: Szilard Koszticsak (MTVA): Avató
  3. hely: Zoltan Tuba (szabadúszó): “Traitor”

News (story) – 150 entries

  1. place: Sandor Csudai (Magyar Hírlap): War on the Streets
  2. place: Aron Suveg (freelancer): Bú/csúztatók
  3. place: Istvan Huszti ( Protest Against Internet Tax

People – portrait (single) – 422 entries

  1. place: Viktor Veres (Mediaworks Kiadó Nemzeti Sport / Népszabadság): Idol
  2. place: Gergely Mate Olah (freelancer): Zoltan Pallag
  3. place: Janos Bodey ( The Misterious Bereny Painting

People – portraits (story) – 84 entries

Arts (single) – 278 entries

  1. place: Szabo Zsolt Eori (Nemzeti Színház Nonprofit ZRt.): Night Sanctuary
  2. place: Gabor Szabo ([origo]): Ballet Gyor – Bolero
  3. place: Adam Urban (freelancer): Behind the Scenes of the Circus

Arts (story) – 103 entries

  1. place: Norbert Hartyanyi (freelancer): Mr. Franz Koffer
  2. place: Zoltan Tuba (freelancer): From the Mine to the Parliament
  3. place: Orsolya Ajpek ( Zrt.): Neohippi Tribe Danced in Nograd County

Sports (single) – 247 entries

  1. place: Aron Suveg (freelancer): Climbing Onto the Wall
  2. place: Thomas Campean (Freelance Photojournalist): Amputee football
  3. place: Viktor Veres (Mediaworks Kiadó, Nemzeti Sport/Népszabadság): Kezes-lábas

Sports (story) – 61 entries

  1. place: Balazs Mohai (freelancer/MTI): Highline in the Gost City
  2. place: Tibor Illyés (MTVA/MTI ): Ladies
  3. place: Balint Hirling ( Madár utolsó mérkőzése

Nature and science (single) – 437 entries

  1. place: Bence Mate (Bence Máté Photography, HidePhotography Inc.): Pressure
  2. place: Miklos Godor (Elektrikó Kft ): Raktár & logisztik…
  3. place: Balint Vincze (MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.): Állcsúcson

Nature and science (story) – 62 entries

  1. place: Bence Mate (Bence Máté Photography, HidePhotography Inc.): Great Heron
  2. place: Norbert Hartyanyi (szabadúszó): Pheasant hunting
  3. place: Csaba Farago (Rév8 Zrt.): Blooming of Tisza

Society and documentary photography (single) – 284 entries

  1. place: Akos Stiller (hvg): Behind the Wall
  2. place: Janos Bodey ( Cast off by the System from Everywhere
  3. place: Viktor Veres (Nemzeti Sport/Népszabadság): To Eat or Not to Be

Society and documentary photography (story) – 109 entries

  1. place: Andras Hajdú D. (freelancer): Menedékkérők – miskolci romák útja Svájcba
  2. place: Simon Moricz-Sabján (Népszabadság): Sárvidék
  3. place: Bea Kallos (MTI): Zora

Tabloid and humour (single or story) – 195 entries

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