10K resolution time-lapse videos look like this

Video by Joe Capra

Recently I wrote a lot about the camera resolution war and the 4-5K resolutions mentioned more and more in the video world. This is a good example from Rio De Janeiro who a 10K video looks like.

Joe Capra made a 10K resolution time-lapse video of his photos taken with a Phase One IQ180 digital back in Rio De Janeiro. The photos are 80 megapixels with a dimension of 10328×7760 that is only 14% of FullHD. So he first shows the original captures downsized to  the 1080p video screen, then he shows 50% and 100% closeups.
As he writes on Vimeo he made some correction to the images, but didn’t use any noise reduction or other alterations. He also adds the h264 compression had some effect on video quality.

His aim with the video was to show the possibilites in an 80 megapixel digital back and medium format itself and how much can be done with a high resolution recording in post process. For example he says there can about 8-10 different crops used from the very same high resolution shot.

Update: The recording also raises some interesting questions on personal rights and personal data protection too, but I don’t go into this aspect now…

10328×7760 – A 10K Timelapse Demo from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

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