A camera alone won’t make you a professional

honest ads makes fun of average customer misconcepts

Hungarion version
 What did you really expect? Source: Finn.no advert

What did you really expect?
Source: Finn.no advert

We often meet people who think buying an expensive camera or lens instantly makes them a pro photographer. Meanwhile they often don’t learn how to use their equipment or they just leave it unused due to a lack of time or lost interest. A very pertinent ad from Norway makes fun of them.

Most manufacturers tend to increase the fanaticism of their audience to drive them into more buying. Often they don’t hesitate to draw unrealistic image of their products and their capabilities or to misinterpret statistics just to sell their products.
The Norvegian classifieds website Finn.no chose exactly the opposite approach to commerce. Their website is the place where you sell your regret, unused, mistaken purchases. This is why they choose the slogan: “What did you really expect? Do something smart with dumb purchases!” Even if you don’t understand the text in Norvegian, the context makes it completely understandable what message this beautifully recorded video has for you.

Other than the imaginary professional photo hobbyist they also made a sports equipment version and it is apparent from both their advertisements the page also loves to use cute cats too. One of them is a returning actor in some of their ads. More than that over a year ago they also had a cat slogan too: “If the cat can, you can too. [use their website]”

I found the video at the Hungarian website Player.hu, but previously the English l anguage PetaPixel also wrote about it. However I felt I have to have it on my blog and I also had to add my thoughts to it.

Norvegian commenter translated the text of the photographer roughly this is it in English:

Take a picture – they say
You can’t take a picture – you have to create it
Steal it from nature
Nano seconds of a human soul
Hundreds of a second from an animal life
Therefore I am…

What did you really expect?
Do something smart with dumb purchases
Finn.no – the market of opportunity