Elephants had more than a bath in lake Balaton

Circus elephants of the Caselly Family take a bath in lake Balaton in promotion of the Circus Night event at Balatonlelle (about 140 km South-West of capital city Budapest), Hungary on July 18, 2015.

This last weekend was Circus Night again. Just like last year this meant elephants of the Caselly family have a bath in lake Balaton to promote the event. Where elephants are a common thing there an elephant having a bath among people is less of a spectacle as well, but in Hungary this is very special. No wonder so many people gathered to see it and take a chance to have a bath with the elephants.

Most of news websites introduced the positive side of the event being nice and special. Most of the pics also conveyed this story. However many people were upset how can it be possible no dogs are allowed in the water but an elephant may have a bath in it. There was also some complaint about the animals dropping shit in the water. Many people got angry about it, but  news website 444 simply reasoned literally everyone in the lake does it and even ship owners do it regularly. They point to it as a positive example as the organisers tell it in the video of Origo they removed (mostly) all what the elephants left after them, what is not a habit of others using the lake. I would be interested in the opinion of health officials, but it appears none of the journalist took an effort to ask them yet – or is it just me who didn’t see it on the web.

What do you think about elephants in lake Balaton?

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