The best news photo collection from 2015

Best photos of 2015 collection
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Photo by Attila Volgyi /
Photo by Attila Volgyi /

Photo by Attila Volgyi /

Just like in the recent years, I made a collection of the best photo selections of the past year. It containts most of the galleries of international news sites, from various countries and all such collections I could find in my own home country Hungary. This selection gives hours of browsing great photos. In my collection process I used some of the content from the similar list of the English Monroe Gallery and the Hungarian language Photo-history blog. They both were faster to publish their lists than me so I only had to make some adjustments and additions to what they collected. But I still had enough work with the list this way to make it the most comprehensive such list.
Because this collection process has drawn so long this year and it ended after the announcement of the Hungarian News Photo Contest results I also added the link to the competition website to the photo selections from Hungary – but I didn’t add any of the selection galleries that were made from the contest images (maybe I will write it at a later date why I decided so).

Update: I forgot to include an important thing in this article worth to mention. The New York Times The Year in Pictures 2015 selection that is included in the list below was published not only on the paper’s website. The publisher one of the most presitigious among dailies also took care to print it in their legendary Sunday edition. You see a video of it below:


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Video of The New York Times’ Year in Pictures in print todaySection front photo by Tyler Hicks/The New York Times Online: Photo editors Meaghan Looram and Jeffrey Scales on the selection process:

Posted by Mikko Takkunen on Sunday, 27 December 2015

In case you know any more similar selections I didn’t include in my seemingly endless collection don’t hesitate to send it to me in either email or in the comment section below!

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International websites:

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