This is how thieves steal camera gear


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The security camera footage below was shared by Canon Professional Services Brasil on Facebook, to show how thieves work in action. As their text says great events draw not only a lot of photographers, but also a lot of thieves, both well trained professionals and the ones made by chance. It is worth take pay very much attention to your stuff. Due to the upcoming Olympics obviously there are more and more photographers in Brasil. This is why the local camera service shared this video made of recordings elsewhere, but their advices are just as practical to anyone else. You hear about thefts of various kinds everywhere on large events and festivals – just like I too posted about it on my blog.

  1. Keep their equipment always the view.
  2. Don’t trust strangers, even if they have credentials of the event.
  3. Do not delegate the care of the equipment to third parties.
  4. In case of theft, notify the police immediately.

It is worht reading my other posts about theft on the blog as they provide you with similarly important advices.

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Of course there is nothing new in it that cannot be thought out on your own. Still it cannot be told enough times so please share it with your friends!

Supplement: If the embedded video doesn’t show the video footage of thieves in action then you can watch it on CPS Brasil Facebook page.

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