Best Photo Selections of 2016

Best photos of 2016 collection
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Photo by Damon Winter/New York Times
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New York Times special cover

However, my blog is in a rest for a while (instead of me) my old habits die hard. Just like in previous years i made my usual collection of the pictures of the year galleries made by leading newspapers. Blog of Monroe Gallery was a great help in it once again. They made a good job in gathering foreign collections. Most of them I simply copied from them but had to add not only the Hungarian galleries but quite some of the international ones too.
2016 was quite an interesting year in Hungarian and international media as well. This is why I included some articles about this in the list. Unfortunately, most of them are only in Hungarian, but the photo collections require no knowledge of the language.

Just like in recent years The New York Times not only made a great selection of the best pictures of the year. Their Sunday special published them in print as well (unfortunately this year I didn’t find a video of it like last year). They also published an article about their methods and considerations of selection but their editors also share their insights on this process in a Facebook video.

If you know any local or international selections that should be included in the list, please let me know in the comments section to be added!

Year summaries on media events:
Photo selections on Hungarian news sites:

News agency selections:

Foreign news sites’ selections:

A legjobb fotókönyvek:

AFP: AN2016: rétrospective des images insolites AFP de l’année

Getty Images: 2016 In Focus

Getty Images: The Moments That Gave Us Hope in 2016

Getty Images: The Moments That Made Our Jaws Drop in 2016

Getty Images: The Moments That Dazzled Us in 2016

Getty Images: The Moments That Warmed Our Hearts in 2016

Getty Images: The Moments That Broke Our Hearts in 2016

Getty Images: The Moments That Made Us Love the Game in 2016

Getty Images: Celebrating Some of Those We Lost in 2016

Sky News: A Year In Pictures 2016

It took me over 8 hours to edit this list (even though most of it was only copied over) – tell in the comments section how long did it take for you to check out all the images included!

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