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close your past and sketch up your future

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Click the image to download YearCompass!

Download YearCompass and try it!
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Around new year many care about the failures, disappointment, sadness of last year and think about what the new year will bring for them. Usually, this brings a lot of resolutions wild dreams and short-lived hopes. A great deal of productivity and life coaching methods approach things in a  lot different way. Yet New year has a special role as it is a great and almost entirely unmissable chance to renew, start over have a fresh glance and think everything through before you begin to accomplish all the things you plan.

A useful method
If you would like your determination and especially your results to be long-lasting, it is worth to seriously review your past, think through and sketch up your ideas for the future with all the plans, aims and the tasks necessary to accomplish them.
YearCompass workbook available for free in various languages helps you with this process of organising your thoughts.

Click the image to download YearCompass!

Fill YearCompass and start with a blank page!
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Its creators suggest to print it out and fill it on paper, but in case you are an avid supporter of having a paperless office, then you can fill your thoughts directly into the PDF document. The goal is to get you thinking, analyse and release what you must then do things just like before or maybe in a different way.

As they write it on the webpage of the YearCompass community, this is an international movement. Their followers sort out their last year and plan their next one in order to have a greater awareness of their lives. New Year’s resolutions don’t work. Planning your year does. The main tool of the movement is free to download YearCompass booklet that is available in many languages.

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Its creators are graduates of Budapest University of Technology & Economics and Semmelweis University. They wanted to have a worthwhile New Year’s Eve with their friends, made a booklet with a few questions that help reflection and it went viral in 2013. Since then it became an international movement with more than a hundred volunteers from 21 countries. Today the YearCompass booklet is available in 19 different languages. The self-printed version is free to download from the YearCompass website and had 200 000 downloads last year.

Download yours and try it for yourself!

Click the image to download YearCompass!

Click the image to download YearCompass!
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Edit: Of course there are many other methods to close your year behind and to plan and start a new one. There exist some more and less emotional or even more spiritual methods too. Choose the one that fits your personality the best. One thing is for sure it is worth to organise your thoughts and ideas (at least) once a year.

If you know any other similar year closing/opening method tell me in the comments section!