Adobe pulls the plug on CS6 family

With CS6 Adobe discontinues boxed versions of it’s creative software. In the future they will only be available throgh the Creative Cloud subscription service. Of corse the previously owned boxed versions will continue to operate, but you cannot buy them and the company releases no more updates to them to increase their compatibility or stability.

Like PetaPixel writes the site previously offering the boxed version to buy now displays a farewell message informing buyers the Adobe creative apps are available exclusively through Creative Cloud.

“Adobe creative apps are available exclusively throgh Creative Cloudon.”

However the entire Creative Suite is not incluuded, the programmes most needed for photographers, namely  PhotoShop and LightRoom are  included in the Photography plan for only €13 . The rest of the Adobe apps are unfortunately more expensive to licence. They are individually €25 each. If you use all of their programmes it costs monthly €63 to have them all.


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