Swimming world championships in numbers


The complete program of the championships
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I still had no chance to go through, cull and (properly) archive the photos of the Aquatics World Championships.  So this is not the previously promissed selection of my images this time. However I thought to make some numbers game related to the championships. This may help getting a sense why it is that tireing for many of us photographers (too).

Here comes the numbers of the World Championships and some GPS track logs like the ones I published before on Instagram – just because I like to draw ones like these while I’m wandering during work…

I was wandering around a lot at the different venues

6 disciplines, 74 races, 262 heats:

  • diving (13 disciplines, 27 events, men, women, duets, mixed duets, 1m, 3m, 10m)
  • synchronised swimming (9 disciplines, 18 events, solo, duet, mixed duet, team, combination, technical, free)
  • waterpolo (2 disciplines, 96 events, men, women)
  • open water swimming (6 disciplines, 6 events, men, women, 5km, 10km, 25km)
  • high diving (2 disciplines, 4 events, men, women)
  • swimming (42 disciplines, 112 events, men, women, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freeystyle, intermediate medley, relay, mixed relay, 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4x100m, 4x200m)

5 venues, 2 cities, 4 districts:

  • Danube Arena, Budapest, 13th district
  • Alfred Hajos Sport Swimmingpool, Margaret Island, Budapest, 13th district
  • Temporary synchronised swimming pool, City Park, Budapest, 14th district
  • Temporary High Diving tower, Batthyany square, Budapest 1st district
  • Temporary swimming course, Balatonfured

2 weeks, 553 km, 205 working hours, daily 9-17 hours (avg. 12 hours) work, 70 545 photos taken that take up about 2,2 TB space on my hard drives. Roughly this is what it took me photographing the World Championships.
All this not even going to all locations and photographing all the disciplines involved in the World Championships. I only photographed at three locations and disciplines. I didn’t even go near the more distant Balatonfured location this time. However I still see some times swimming competitions in my dreams…

Update: Just for the sake of statistics the World Championships overlapped the official visits of Benjamin Netanjahu and the V4 prime ministers. The closing weekend overlapped this year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix that made work even harder for many of my colleagues. Thankfully I had no work with these assignments. This time I only had to concentrate all my power and attention to the Aquatics World Championships.

The pictures – a very small portion of them…

Once I dived into statistics and number of pictures I made a quick search for the number of pictures published from this championships by the largest news agencies. (My search is not totally exact as all the agencies use slightly different wording in their captions. There may be differences what pictures might get into and out of the search results. Also many agencies have mutual photo sharing agreements so they may be present with their own photographers and use photos from other agencies as well. It makes it really hard to decide which numbers represent their own pictures and how many of them are from others):

  • MTI: 5 236
  • MTI free: 909
  • EPA: 3 440
  • AP: 2 257
  • AFP: 3 971
  • Reuters: 3 159
  • Getty Images: 15 393

These are of course only the published pictures not all the agency photographers took and editors had to sort through during the two weeks of the championships.

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