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Photo by Saumya Khandelwal/Reuters

This last one was the least active year for my blog. This cannot be said for me, but this year ending collection of the best photo selections cannot be left out.

Just like in previous years I colleced the galleries of the leading newspapers and websites both in Hungary and in the world.  This year too I used collectinions made by the blog of Monroe Gallery and NPPA US photographer’s association. They collected most of the international collections but I made some research  in addition there too.
I had some difficulty with making my Hungarian collection. Not only because I didn’t find any such collection in Hungarian, but it seems such selections seem to disappear from Hungary’s media (or maybe it is only me not finding them – please send them to me if you know any I missed!) The thematic lists summing up the last year appear in a large number at the end of every year, but this year most of them seam to have videos in them instead of photos and less and less news sites make selections of the best photos.

However this year both and Index too made collections of their news of the year (available only in Hungary) and instead of photos vIndex made a video selection too. HVG is expected to publish a selection of theirs after I published this list so I will include them only later. Of course you too can send me any similar galleries I might forget to include!

Selections from Hungary:

Agency selections:

International selections:

Best photo books of the year:

Videó selections:

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Denver Post’s year in pictures, 2017

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Sky News Library Sales – A Year In Pictures 2017

2017 Review: Euronews’ Pictures of the Year

Őrület, milyen videókat forgattunk idén! – Index

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