Olympic skier crashed among photographers

Frame grab by MTVA/M4 Sport

Lara Gut crashes into photographers
Frame grab by MTVA/M4 Sport

This news is about a few days olt, but I had to include it on my blog. On the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Swiss skier Lara Gut fell and crashed into photographers shooting the event from the side of the race track.

PetaPixel and many other sites wrote neither the skier, nor the photographers were injured. Reuters riports the sposrtsman even asked the photographer she fell onto if he is all right and she also added “I think it’s getting scary to be a photographer on skiing hills”.
One of the photographers involved in the crash was Sean M. Haffey sports photographer of Getty Images. He managed to snap some pictures of the falling skier before the impact. News name only him to be hit by the accident, but on the video you can see at least 2 or 3 photographers jumping away and at least a dozen of them being hit by the snow cloud of the accident. Getty didn’t hesitate to comment the event. Their spokes person told NBC “Sean is all OK as is his gear, Like a true professional, he was shooting the entire time.”

Bellow you see the images of the fall published by Getty Images. A more complete collection of them can be found on the agency website. Like the images show, not only Getty Images photographer Sean M. Haffey captured the fall, but the others around him like AFP photographer Javier Soriano, Sports Illustrated photographer Erick W. Rasco and Agance Zoom photographer Christopje Pallot took almost identical photos of the skier falling – right before she crashed among them. Probably other newspaper and agency photographers could be surrounding them, but the Getty Images website only lists these pictures.

Embed from Getty Images

The accident could be seen in live TV broacdast around the world. There have been YouTube videos of it also, but because of the tight restrictions on the copyrights of Olympic coverages these are swiftly removed from the web. Most of the embedded videos in articles are now missing or cannot be played due to geoblocking. In my country Hungary the state television MTVA has the broadcast rights of the Olympics, here you can watch the accident in Hungarianon the website of the public media (probably not playable from outside the country). If you are wisiting the site from the UK or the US, probably the local news sites have locally playable videos you can watch. I only saw only this TV coverage of the accident and frame grabs from the video. This means either no photographer took pictures of the accident from the other side of the track or at least we haven’t yet seen it.

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