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Getty Images is one of the biggest sports photography agencies and the main agency responsible for documenting the olympics. Like many other agencies they cover the games with dozens of photographers and a load of remote controlled cameras as well whenever it is possible to flood images all the time during the games.

Just like with all the olympics they also had a great emphasis on covering their own work as well as the games. They usually  show the gear they take to the olympics and usually they are the ones who leak images of the Canon camera locker just like they tried to first comment on the recent photographer accident too also praising their photographers’ work. Just like they did in Sochi, closing to the end of the games they also published a small video about the work of Getty photographers.
Beside the work of photographers, they also show their technicians pulling network cables on the skiing slopes for photographers to have transmission lines. They speak about sorting and editing the pictures, but they don’t get into such details as Reuters did last time at the London Olympics. In the video harsh weather is mentioned more times as the -25 degrees celcius and strong wind was a great challenge not only for the gear from cables, throug cameras to the computers but also for the photographers themselves working long hours outdoors. Like below the video Fstoopers mentions, Getty Images had 45 photographers on site with 150 cameras and 350 lenses. Filtering doesn’t work properly on their site but their archive has over 140 thousand images with the search february 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Even if not all of them were taken there and at the olympics this number clearly shows the scale of their pictures of the event.

And once the topic is Getty Images, photographers and olympics of course they have some pictures of photographers working at the olympics too.

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This is the Getty Images werk video from Pyeongchang:

Getty Images: Behind the Scenes at PyeongChang 2018 from Getty Images Entertainment Video on Vimeo.

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