This is how photographer dries rain soaked gear
Photo by Attila Kisbenedek/AFP

Werk photo from the bathroom after a rainy match. This is how the gear of AFP photographer in Budapest Attila Kisbenedek is being dried after geetting soaked. He is currently covering the FIFA World Cup. Other than his official poctures published by the agency on his Instagram feed he lets a peek into his bathroom.

This method is not widely taught in photography schools. More than that it may not even be advised to do. Maybe not the best solution either, but one might not find anything better in a hotel room during a soaking work. Games can get rainy. Weather sealing of the gear may hold – especially under a rain cover. But you have to get it dried up before the next match begins. At home or in a repair shop one might find better solutions (rice or silica gel  is generally advised to get humidity out of your equipment). In a hotel room one may not have anything better than this. Desperate times require desperate measures.

After a rainy match of FIFA World Cup, in my barhroom

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