My seventh F1 race ended
Photo by Attila Volgyi /

Sunday evening I closed the seventh Formula1 race I photographed. I automatically try to say  seventh in a row, but my series is broken…

Last year I could not go to Formula because I was photographing FINA Swimming World Championships. I wasn’t baked on sun a moment less this way than having spent my time on Hungaroring, but in the decision I had other factors not only the closeness of a pool with cool water.

Because I got many questions about it after my recent Instagram posts, I thought to write it here on the blog too that this F1 weekend I walked roughly 61 km on Hungaroring. A (smaller) part of it was spent on the service road around the 4.5 km long track mostly by car. It is faster than walking with all the photo gear hanging around me. However I had some walk there as well times when the photographer shuttle buses weren’t coming. Considering I probably went around the track five times, I still had quite some distance in my legs while I walked in the  padock, pit lane and the corners of the track.

Previously I also wrote about what it is like to photograph Formula1 és how pictures are made there. After such a long and exhaustive work it is the hardest to shake back to everyday life. I am fighting with that at the moment too – not to mention of course the post processing of all the pictures taken during the race.

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