March 2019


Video: Cameraman training camp

Cameraman and photojournalist work has some some broad similarities to the military operations. It requires experience, knowhow, concentration, coordination, can often be very exhausting and  physically demanding. It is an obvious thought process to compare it to real military trainings. This appears in the great and funny commercial  series of Sky Channel.


620 million user logins stolen by hacker

500px informed it’sown users, but PetaPixel and The Register wrote about the data theft in which sixteen web services were hacked and about 620 million users’ data was stolen. Among these sites there was the popular photo sharing site 500px as well. The hackers got 14.5 million users’ personal information. The large scale data hacking was revealed after the 10 GB worth of data was published as available for buyers on the Dark Web. This should alert you to reset your passwords!