Video: Cameraman training camp

Cameraman and photojournalist work has some some broad similarities to the military operations. It requires experience, knowhow, concentration, coordination, can often be very exhausting and  physically demanding. It is an obvious thought process to compare it to real military trainings. This appears in the great and funny commercial  series of Sky Channel.

I wrote about some humorous video about photographers on my blog before. I just ran into this commercial of Sky’s 2011 Rugby World Championships coverage. The message of it is the channel covers all the 48 games of the World Championships live. The large scale manpower and skills it needs inspired them to present us with this funny approach of soldier-like training of their cameramen.

PetaPixel, Cinescopophilia and other sites wrote this commercial back in 2015 (four years after it was created). I only saw it now, but I had to show it to you! I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed it.

Without further ado, let’s see and enjoy the video(s)!

All the short videosedited into one:


Camera combat:

Camera Inspection:

Shooting Exercise:


Sound Speed:

Sound Exercise:

Commentary Exercise:

What you think about Sky’s commercial?

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