Service announcement: Commenting on halt

I had to turn off commenting on the blog. At the moment I don’t know if I will ever turn it back on, but I have a survey about the future of my blog you can tell me what do you think about commenting and if you feel it necessary, pointless or straight disturbing.

Disqus turned off
I discovered it just recently, that the Disqus commenting system I used until now displays advertising on my blog. After each of my posts before comments, they displayed a set of ads that I cannot even turn off. I don’t want to allow them to do this.
I dislike these adverts not only because I don’t get a share from it or the fact they didn’t even inform me about their change. My problem is much more I have no control over what they put on my blog and they display ads I don’t consider in any way helpful to the content of my blog or be valuable to my readers. I would not like much better if camera ads would appear on my blog without my knowledge and consent, but those at least would have a chance to be interesting for my readers.
They would allow me to turn off the ads if I pay for their service. I understand this business model, but since I have no income from my blog and I am not even sure if the blog needs commenting, I don’t find this alternative too possible.

Temporary solution
Currently, I only disabled the commenting to get rid of their ads. This makes previous comments go as well. I’m working on exporting the comments of the past for archiving and later access. I’m also thinking about what another commenting system to choose to transfer them. I’m also considering the option to get rid of commenting totally as I’m not entirely sure if it is worth my time and energy to find solutions to this problem instead of writing other posts and running the blog.

Are comments needed on a blog?
It is an age-old question I’ve been thinking a lot. Many people wrote a lot about this in the past. At one of the Goldenblog award ceremonies, even some blogging stars tried to find the answer at a roundtable discussion whether comments are needed or not. It is a divisive question. It is especially hard to answer on a professional blog. Definitely so to decide it forever.
I could reason for both extremes, but to decide it is much harder and I could not do it yet. This is why I had more than one questions related to comments in the survey about my blog. Until now it was out of mere curiosity and philosophical interest. Now it turned to be more urging to decide what to do with commenting.

Please fill my survey and tell me what you think about commenting – and the rest of my blog!

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