Collection of 2019’s best photo selections

A look Back on 2019 in Pictures
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Photo by Bruno Kelly/Reuters

Photo by Bruno Kelly/Reuters

Just like at the start of every new year I made my collection of the best photos selections from newspapers in my home country and leading newspapers of the world as well. Enjoy browsing them!

Because with the end of last year we leave the 2010’s and move on to the 2020’s, there are a lot of decade selections too (however many argue the decade ends with 2019 based on astrology calendar counts 2021 to be the start of the new decade and only the pop-culture 2010’s end now). Just like in my 2009 collection of the year’s photos I included these decade selections alongside the yearly ones. This also brings up the fact my blog is over a decade old now

For years I’ve been using a similar collection of the Monroe Gallery as a basis of my collection. Once they made so thorough collection I just updated and added to it instead of repeating it entirely. Unfortunately, as they published in a Facebook post, they did not make their collection this year. I, however, did not skip it this year either (despite it used to be very time consuming even to add to their collection not to do it from the ground up like in previous years and this year too).

Broadest collection of 2018 photos
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Photo by Ostariyanov/Shutterstock/TheAtlantic

Editors of the New York Times published an editorial about how they managed to find their selection of 116 photos from the vast archive of over half a million images of the year. Unfortunately, they use a partial paywall, that lets us read only a few articles a month without a subscription. This method is used by more and more publishes either in a partial or fully blocking paywall. Also, more and more newspapers skip making an annual election of their photos. In Hungary more and more newspapers size to exist or have been transformed. This not only means the lack of a current selection of their lacking photos but in many cases, their selections of previous years also disappeared despite being included in the past collections.

I  often mentioned Boston Globe on the blog (only in Hungarian as those posts in my archive haven’t yet been translated into English). This is the first year when they did not publish their usual selection of the year’s photos on their popular Big Picture gallery website. On the other hand, they publish a month’s selection every month that can be revisited as a 12 chapter review of the year.  Their current Best photos of the year and their decade photo selection, however, was published only on their regular news site, in a traditional (not Big Picture) gallery – and unfortunately, they too use a paywall so one cannot view them without a subscription.

Collection of 2017’s best photos
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Photo by Saumya Khandelwal/Reuters

In contrast, their counterpart The Atlantic, who stole the founder of Boston Globe’s Big Picture, Alan Taylor years ago, keeps on publishing a number of year’s photo selections in their big picture gallery called In Focus – however their site is also kept behind a paywall. So we can only watch a handful of their selections without a subscription.

USA Today made their current selections this year too, but they had a strange response to EU’s GDPR why from Europe we cannot visit their full site, just a very much stripped down light version – that doesn’t include their galleries. Some other US newspapers also show less ore ven none of their website for visitors in the EU.

Selections of Hungarian newspapers
(text only in Hungarian):

Best photos of 2016 collection
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Photo by Damon Winter/New York Times

Agency selections of best photos of the year:

Collectino of best photos of 2013
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Hungarian newspapers’ decade selections
(text only in Hungarian):
International newspapers’ decade photo selections:

A look Back on 2009 in Pictures
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International papers’ photos of the year selections:
Photo books, exhibitions of the year:

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