Free Creative Cloud for up to three month

The Covid-19 corona virus pandemic has great effect on photographers just like other target groups of Adobe software’s customers. The company joins the growing free to use offer wave around the globe to help people in the tough times. First they offered their services only for students, but later they expanded their offer and give everyone two frem mohth (that can even be three) to use Creative Cloud apps. This can help us feel less of the negative effects of the pandemic already cancelling lots of jobs, assignments and other income sources.

This seems to be completely different than the previous free PhotoShop download possibility misunderstanding was. I can also help a great deal to chang the image the company’s last attempt of overpricing might have left in people.

Discount for everyone
Previously some news sites (PetaPixel, Fstoppers, Adobe, Pixinfo) already wrote Adobe announced they offer free access for students.
Since then they extended this offer (, PetaPixel, Fstoppers, Adobe) to include everyone already having an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

It can be even three month
I didn’t try this method, but I know some people, who received three month for free instead of only two. He didn’t only choose the discount from the offers listed on the Adobe website, but started a chat with the support. As he says: “First a bot tries to help, but you have to enter the same request (virus discount request) and after a long wait a human takes over. From there it’s just a few minutes away.” It took him about 40 minutes wait, but in the endd he received 90 days for free instead of the 60 days offered for everyone.

Sanitise your most used items too!
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Photo by Julia Joppien/Unsplash

Quick method
If you don’t needd the three month and you prefer to avoid the long wait without talking to support than you are only a few clicks away. You can claim the discount under your account settings. You have to start cancelling your subscription. You will be prompted to state why you cancel the subscription, select it is too expensive. During finalise it will offer you the free two month offer. Selecting this and finalise you will get the extra two month.

Don’t be scared when you face a cancellation fee. When you accept it, the free option will wait you on the next screen. If you don’t get the free option then contact the chat support to solve it. I had no problem during the process.

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your objects of everyday use – especially during epidemic times!

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