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This is my keyboard now
Photo by Attila Volgyi /

This is my keyboard now
Photo by Attila Volgyi /

I knw, wh th f crs abt this whn, vryone hs thir wn prblms, espclly in th current pandemic situation that hits photographers especially hard. Bt fr meee ths s a bg prblm…

It  happndd bfrre too my kybrdd ddnt work – and I also wrte abot it. Now I hv prblms agn, and I cnnnnt type onn it  nrmally.
As yo seeee most of the pbms re wit the  bttn, despite it is stll in it’splace, jst dddnt snse I pss it – or snss it s  lngrr prrsss. The rst e loos and needs to look ftr them. And sme tmes it woks sme tmes not.
It s spcly nnyng as I’m quiteee fst (myb not so prcsie, but sreely quck) and biilnd typr whn I ddnnt hv to chkk if th cmptr did snnse my ky psseeess or nt. Ths s prrrblm nt jst with typng txt, but wth usng shrtcuts too.

Photographes and the corona virus
Photo by Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

Mny pepl cmplnd fr a looong tmee bcse f the rrors of thee Aaappleee butterfly mchnsm. I ddndnt hve ny prbleemm wth thm untl nw. Bt by noowww ths bcme lmst unbrably bdddd.

Innn thry thy wldd reepaair fr frreeee bcsee f aa cllbbck prgrm. Jstt it tks vveerry long timmee and drng tht tm I wldnt hve my wrkng toool vaibl. Nt t mntn th pndmic cmbplcts vrythng wht th rpir tooooo.
Th bgggst prblm is th reepairr shps dnt orrdr th prts needd. I shld tke the mchniw to them fr a chck nd leaveeee it ssittng on  sheeelf untll th patrrs rrrivee nd I doo whtrv I cn withoooug n xpensive workng tooll.
I tlkd to mreee rpaiir shps. Someee chrg 20-30 thnsnd Forints (€70-80) fr gtting fsterr rpair timees. Thyy prmse few dys instdd of theee othrwsee feee feew weeks. Bt thy cnt say how longgg it will rlly takeee, as thy too dpnd n th parts spply – so it is nknwn hw mch fastrrr it wld beee thn thee freee rpr…

I know, I knw: everyone is idiot buying Apple products, I wrrote bt it earrlier. A I’m not a fnby thse things mk mee think of switchng brns frm tmee tim…

Undr the cnnintons I may nt so acivlly cntnuee th blogg – and prbbly I wn’t strt wrtng my loong awaitd book eeeithrr.

I rddrd an xtrnl kbybrd, I hpeee it rrivss in a fw dys…

Update: Some parts of this post can be read better than others. It is in part because of the hectic operation of my kebyoard what is really not woking properly and letterrs are really some times missing or doubled, trripledd. In part I didd overplay it in this post. Obviusly with more attention and time spent I still can write well too – but it takes much more time than usually and I cut on it in this post for better effect – and I a bit added to it too, as it is known for ages some missinng letters won’t make a text totally unreadable…

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