Let’s celebrate World Dance day!

during corona virus pandemic no live celebrations are held

Hungarion version

Jean G. Noverre born in 1727 was a French born ballet dancer who was a revolutionary figure of dance art. Since 1982 his birthday on April 29 is celebrated every year around the globe as the  World Dance Day. In Hungary for a number of years many flashmobs and other perormances have celebrated the anniversary.

Because of the corona virus pandemic this year no live celebrationss could be held. Artist celebrated online mostly by sharing their archived photos and videos or some dancers streamed live productions from home. I too share my favourite dance photography werk photo every year this day. Now I cannot make any other photos, but honouring tradition I share this one this year too.

We photograph paticipants of the 2016 World Dance Day flashmob in Budapest.
Photo by Attila Volgyi / blog.volgyiattila.com