World War II ended 75 years ago this day

Photo by BBC

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Photo by BBC

On 8th May in 1945. the 2nd  World War ended. This day is celebrated ever since then as the Victory In Europe – VE Day. The commemoration speech of  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a good occasion to emember work of war photographers, as they have a great contribution to how we remember evennts of history.

Az utolsó halott katona - Fotó: Robert Capa

Last soldier died in WWI
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Photo by Robert Capa

Queen Elizabeth II today addressed her nation in the same hour as her father King George VI did 75 years ago when the war ended. BBC’s video starts with the King’s speech and the queen herself mentions it in the speech. She brings up memories what the article also shows with archive photos and videos as at age 19 (then only as a princess) she stands next to his father and prime minister Winston Churchill cheering with peoplle in front of Buckingham Palace.
After the scenes showing crowds celebrarting on streets she talks about the streets aren’t empty now, but filled with love for each otherr and those who gave their lives for others to live.
She also emphasizes “The greatest tribute to their sacrifice is that countries who were once sworn enemies are now friends. Working side by side for peace, health and prosperity of us all.” The 94 years old queen spoke on television to the British nation the second time since the pandemic  broke out. 

Remember the fallen war photographers
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Phot by Patrick Baz/AFP

During the speech she has on her table the framed photograrph of King George and the hat of her own  military uniform. As photographs show she also wore it when she sneaked out inn incognito to blend in the celebrating crowd.

Let’s remember together the losses of war, heroes and of course photogarphers who not only recorded the horrors but also witnessed and suffered them too – not only from one side, but from the other too.

Speech of Queen Elizabeth II:

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