One year passed since the Mermaid catastrophe

Photo by Attila Volgyi /

After lifting the boat from the river and thorough inspection by the authorities the black wrapped remains of the vehicle are carried on a ship crossing the location of the accident at the pylon of Margaret bridge seen as candles mourn the victims.
13. June 2019. Budapest, Hungary
Photo by Attila Volgyi /

Tragic accident of city sightseeing boat Hableany (Mermaid in Hungarian) happened one year ago on 29. May 2019. at 21:05. The catastrophe happened in just seconds, demanded 27 lives and only 7 people survived it.
Search and preparation for recovery lasted for about two weeks. All the works were  followed by serious media interest – what I only participated in a small portion because of technical reasons (I had other assignments). In the end on 11. June 2019. during an operation lasting for about 10 hours specialists succeeded in lifting and transporting the boat. I too photographed the recovery process.

Someone questioned the authenticity of the photo as the boat was not covered when it was transported after recovery. It may be worth to note, I took it two days later. After the official investigation held at Csepel the remains of the boat were carried away in the black wrap. Here it is seen crossing the location of the accident in front of candles mourning the victims. I think this farewell-like photo suits the anniversary better than some photos of a damaged shipwreck.

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