Articles by Attila Völgyi


The Jobs obituary mistake a few years ago

Unfortunately this time death of the Apple CEO Steve Jobs is officially confirmed. We can all be sure news about his death are no mistake this time. Reading the first news that appeared last night probably (I hope at least) everyone started seeking confirmation by more independent official sources before believing and spreading the word.


First rule of photographer security

Probably there are some who are bored to hear this again and again, but this advice can spare people terrible headaches! There has been another theft, that could have been avoided. Photographers share the list of stolen goods in hope of someone finding it one day. Hope is good, but prevention is much more helpful than crying after something avoidable bad happened.
I hope you don’t leave valuable gear in the car!


War of burst shooting photographers

Normandy-like battle scenes recreated for a virus video advertising a photo shop. This video has been spreading on the web for a while like a virus. However it has been watched “only” 32 thousand times by the time of writing this post, the chart heads upward. Bets can be placed when it will pass one hundred, five hundred then 1 million views.