My blog turned ten years old – get to know it

I started my Hungarian blog a decade ago out of experiment. Ten years passed since then and a lot of things have changed on my blog and in the world too. I even wrote about quite some of these changes on my blog. Even the existence of this english version of the blog was part of these changes. I have quite a international friends and colleagues and it came up from time to time to provide them the contents of my blog in a better translation than Google Tranlsation can serve them. I work hard on the translation of my older posts into English and to post new ones in English too if possible. Unfortunately I don’t have unnlimited time to be able to do everything I want. I keep doing my best I can.


My kyboard stopd working

A fw days ago my kyboard stopeed snsing if ky eee is prssseed. Now it simply dosn’t writ th lttrs I typ but som tims it multiplis thm. It is annoying in nglish as wll but it is mor so in my nativ languag Hungarian in which w hav a lot of words full of lttr eeee.


My blog finally started!

My blog started as a beta test run. We shall see what it will turn out to become during times. Until now I didn’t at all like blogs, but in recent times I met some blogs I kinda liked and also found to have a meaning.

We shall see what I manage to make out of this genre and how much interest it meets.