Sharks in my Viewfinder

The DVD version of the new documentary about underwater photographer Daniel Selmeczi is finally complete and now available to buy. Watch at close hand the dangerous predators of deep seas as Selmeczi observes and shoots underwater photos of them.


Photojournalist twins with unique adventures

Peter and David Turnley photograph the various conflict zones of the world the way many other photojournalists do and they have amusing and horrifying stories about their job like many other photographers. But they have some extra stories about how the two identical twins get some times mixed up or just looked on strange when they are seen working together. They have the same genes and the same professional background that often results quite similar images as well.


Watch Invisible Bird Photographer online

Some enthusiast viewers took fast action to put the documentary about nature photographer Bence Mate online in HD quality just a few days after it premiered in TV. Not too much later however the creators themselves made it available on the web so you can watch it legally now. Don’t miss it!

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