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Rene Caselly’s elephant split

Van Damme should do this

Hungarion version

Merrylu Casselly and Rene Casselly Jr. from Germany perform a Golden Pierrot Award winning acrobatic elephant act during the 10th International Circus Festival in Budapest, Hungary on January 13, 2014.

There has been a lot of fun made of Jean Claude Van Damme performing a split on trucs what spreads on the Internet like a virus. The same time Merrylu Casselly and Rene Casselly Jr. has a quite similar performance in Circus Budapest every day on the backs of two elephants.

Stumbling cuteness of an elephant

four legs not always good enough

Hungarion version

Two week old captive born baby Asian elephant named Asha fell while walking with her mother Angele who gave birth on 14th February in the City Zoo in Budapest, Hungary on March 01, 2013.

Budapest Zoo’s newest cutie was up on her feet and walking around with her mother when she was just a week old. As you can see in my pictures, she did have some wobbly moments though when she teetered over and fell on the ground.