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I’m sunk in Swimming World Championships

it is over, but it still doesn't let me free

Hungarion version

Photo by Attila Volgyi / blog.volgyiattila.com

Many of you asked what’s up with my blog and me. Like many other times before I am again overly busy with many things. This doesn’t leave me time for a lot of things, most of all my blog. Most of my work lately was connected to the FINA Aquatics Championships. Despite it is over for a few days now I still have lots of things to do connected to it.

Magnum workshop first time in Budapest

prestigious training organised by Capa Centre

Hungarion version

The recently opened Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center tries to help the development of Hungarian photography not only with exhibitions but with trainings as well. One of their most important programs is to bring the international training series of Magnum agency founded with the cooperation of Robert Capa to Hungary. The five day workshop will be held at the end of May in Budapest. Participants […]