Street photography scandal: can you do this?

The obtrusive working style of a Japanese street photographer stirred big debate after he appeared in a Fuji commercial. The company dropped both the ad and the photographer they used to sponsor. This is an important story with wide-scale aspects of professionalism, legal issues and ethics: can you put you push the camera up in others’ faces and without consequences?


Video: Cameraman training camp

Cameraman and photojournalist work has some some broad similarities to the military operations. It requires experience, knowhow, concentration, coordination, can often be very exhausting and  physically demanding. It is an obvious thought process to compare it to real military trainings. This appears in the great and funny commercial  series of Sky Channel.


Photojournalist strike in the Netherlands

Dutch freelancer photojournalists prepare for strike to protect their livelyhood from inflation, decrease of their tariffs and infringements of their copyrights. Of course it is an interesting question what a strike of photographers can achieve and how readers and publishing houses react to such actions…


Silence your camera!

It happens more and more often during photographing various events that someone is disturbed by the clicking sound of a DSLR camera and people ask photographers to turn off the sound. The photographer often just blinks not finding the words to reply. Clicking sound is not just an effect with a DSLR camera just like with mobile phones and compact cameras. It is an integral part of the function. Many photographers however has no clue about even DSLR cameras can be silenced. More than that it is very much advised in certain situations. If it is not possible than even more routine and knowledge is required to avoid disturbing others. And no, simple because you “have to” take photos doesn’t allow you to disturb others.