Last soldier of WW2 died 70 years ago this day

We don’t know it for sure if he was really the last soldier to die in the second world war even on the Allied side. It can easily be possible this is not the truth. Robert Capa however photographed his death as last and thus he is remembered to be the last allied soldier to die in the war. What makes this all most important is how Capa thinks about him in his only partially fictional autobiography.


Story behind a photo: Iwo Jima comes to life

When I write this post TV airs again the movie about the background of one of the most memorable photos of the history (not only military history) of the US. The title is none other than Flag of our Fathers. The battle at Iwo Jima on the Pacific war scenes of World War II shot with the eye of the special director Clint Eastwood.


War of burst shooting photographers

Normandy-like battle scenes recreated for a virus video advertising a photo shop. This video has been spreading on the web for a while like a virus. However it has been watched “only” 32 thousand times by the time of writing this post, the chart heads upward. Bets can be placed when it will pass one hundred, five hundred then 1 million views.